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Android App Development Services

SunShine InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. is a providing Android App development.It has extensive experience of developing the concept in a better way. We offer high quality and cost effective web development services to organizations around the world to keep your site always updated with latest information

Today Android is possibly the world’s most popular platform for mobile devices. Android brings the whole internet to users of smart phones And tablets. In the process, it is changing how we communicate with one another human And Divices.

Most such devices are sold with diverse apps package as pre-installed software

Developing apps for mobile devices requires examine the constraints and features of devices. Mobile Devices run on battery and have less

processors than computers and also have more features such as location detect, camera And Other Services.

Android application requires use of specialized integrated development environments. Mobile apps are first tested within the development integrated environment using later subjected to field testing.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Android Architecture
  • Android Development Environment
  • Android Application Fundamentals
  • Android Multimedia Programming
  • Android Basic GUI Programming
  • Multimedia: Audio playback and MediaPlayer
  • Android Resource Management
  • Intents and Intent Filters
  • Showing Notification Messages
  • Advanced GUI Development

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